~ Wooden Glitter Star Ornament Sets ~

These sparkling wooden stars come hand glittered in silver on both sides. Each is topped with a metal medallion. The set of four is  1 1/2 inches tall and the set of six is 1 inch tall, not including the silver ribbon for hanging.They will add a little bit of vintage inspired whimsy to any tree or package. Very shabby chic! Sorry basket not included.
Choose small set of 4, or mini set of 6.Not reccomended for children!

1 of a kind.  12.00 each set (4.00 Ship)
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~ Let It Snow Wooden Birdhouse ~

This glittery wooden birdhouse is painted in subtle shades of frosty blue and green, then whitewashed. It has hand glittered felt snowflakes in winter white all around the main body, bright white "snowball" garland along the roof lines and peak. More "snowballs" around the bottom, a winter white bottle brush wreath around the opening and a robins egg blue silk bow with silver ribbon accents above.It measures 9" tall and 5" wide. Perfect for your shabby-chic winter decor!

Meant for indoor display purposes only.
Not reccomended for children!

1 of a kind.  39.00  (10.00 Ship)